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Our Grocery App Development is a complete package of the latest technology integrated together to deliver robust solutions developed by our mobile app development experts.

  • Designed for Users
  • Secure Payment and Wallet
  • Intuitive Structure
  • Filter and Search Available
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Get Your Own On Demand grocery Delivery App and Start Growing

In this digital era, not a single business is untouched with this so we have also prepared a solution for startups or business seeking for solution for grocery app development services. People are also got past to that list making shopping, now they want is a hassle free shopping that they can do from anywhere.

Do you had the same idea? Don’t worry this solution as very low grocery app development cost from others. This compromise in price doesn’t mean we have also compromised the quality of the application. The application is full of amazing features that you can rely on to deliver the best solutions than your competitors. After all, once you have implemented an idea all you can see is competitors around you and our grocery app development can raise you above to lead the competition. With our grocery app you get a secure admin panel integrated with secure database to protect your and user’s precious data.

Type of Grocery Delivery App

Grocery Price Comparison

This kind of app can give user a comparison of the price of a particular product available on several different supermarkets. With this kind of app user get daily reminder of the price for their favorite products. App is integrated with several different types of comparison options and filters.

Supermarket Grocery Delivery App

This kind of app are oriented around a particular supermarket or Grocery store that offers delivery or pickup option. With this type of grocery delivery app you can increase the sale of your grocery store and also attract more customers with mind blowing offers.

Personalized Grocery Delivery App

Well this is all for user’s personal use. It allows an app users to make a list of all the groceries he or she wants. App serves with different functionality that helps users a lot in tallying the grocery. With function like reminders, price notation and other it servers with its more than 100%.

Key Features of Grocery Store App Development

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  • User

    Take advantage of all the features of the app by filling a registration form.

  • Product

    Select a product or item to make see the descriptive nature of it and learn more about it.

  • Easy

    Make search for the products you desire of and grab them with product search function of app.

  • Secure

    The payment options available in the app is secure and supports all kinds of payment medium.

  • On-Time

    App lets users track the order along with scheduling the time of the delivery.

  • Repeat

    This function allows a user to place the order again from order history to make things easy.

  • Order

    A users can track the order from this screen and know the status of their orders.

  • Sale
    and Offers

    This function is to provide various offers and discounts to the users of the phone to attract more.

  • Setting

    This allows users to make changes in their profiles and other options for personalized app experience.

  • Rate
    and Review

    Users can rate items and shops and write reviews for them to help other customers.

  • Store

    A map functionality allows a user to locate near-by shop or store to place order.

  • Store

    A workout for users. They can place order to nearby store and pick from there.

  • Web
    or App

    Place orders from wherever you like whether it is website or app to give users free choice.

  • Delivery

    Use a third-party order delivery service to make the best delivery process.

  • Help
    & Support

    Integrating a chat-bot and help desk to help customers with their queries.

  • Change

    Enable a store and user to change their location on the go for better results.

  • Inventory

    Make the alert notifications about the items in inventory to refill or gather new.

  • Manage

    For more productivity, a manager can control more than one store from this panel.

  • Assign

    Assign separate managers and take their work report on the single panel.

  • Manage

    Manage store and product listings from here to make things easy to control.

  • Dashboard

    See your overall progression about everything here on the dashboard for easy analysis.

  • Order

    Track all the order placed on your store from here and report the status.

  • Manage

    Make new profitable offers to your existing and new users to attract more.

  • Review

    Read all review and feedback from your users to and review and reply to them.

  • Notification

    Connect with your customers by using email, sms, push notifications to attract them.

  • Reports

    Make report on the basis of the data in the dashboard for more effective sales strategies.

  • Manage

    Here delivery person verifies its identity by filling the form and uploading IDs.

  • Live

    Delivery boy can navigate easily to the destination of the order with live track option.

  • Delivery

    Driver will be able to update the delivery status from this screen to let user know the status.

  • Dispatch

    Manager will generate push notification for the dispatched order for better delivery.

  • Order Notification
    in Real time

    Stay updated with the real time notification of the item being delivered to users.

  • Status &
    Tracking of Order

    A screen that allow users and managers to know the status of the item about to deliver.

  • Dedicated

    The web and mobile app have a light and user friendly interface for ease of use.

Grocery Mobile App Development Solution That is All Set to Use


What Makes On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Useful

Experience Team

11+ Years of Expertise

24X7 Support

24*7 Support System

On-Time Project Delivery

Matching Deadlines

Confidential Details

Secure Information

The app developed by grocery app development company like us is to provide the most flexible, effective and efficient solution to our customers who are about to use the app for their store or business. Our sole aim here is to come with intuitive solutions that help you leave a mark on the market with your services powered by our grocery app development team. With our solution you get close to every detail of your sales and purchase to make better strategies to make your business grow. And our single tap functionality will make your user addicted to our app and combine with your strategies it will give you a lethal advantage over your competitors. It is time to choose the best and do the best.

Advantages of Using Our Grocery App Development


The app is customizable as per the demand of the manager and some features are still customizable by the users to make their experience better. Manager can request to add new features in future.

Third-Party Integrations

The App offers support of plugins from third-parties to make the app more effective and reliable to use. This integration does not compromise the users or shop data to give security.


Our team perform the grocery app development by bringing along the different kinds of technologies to offer a robust and a creative solution. This way we build trust over our app development service.


The app we are developing here is made with consulting with our UI and UX team to make it more usable and friendly to its users to increase the use of the application and its flexibility.

Success Partner

We keep in touch with our clients and users of the app and read their reviews and feedbacks to make the app more usable for the users and apply suggestions from client to increase sales.

Seamless Payments

The app is integrated with several trusted payment gateways and secure server and database that not just makes the payment fluid but also protected from any kind of cyber theft.

Go Global

Increase your exposure and cover the big market with this innovation of the digital era. As a manager you can control you shops no matter where they are, few taps are now enough to do that.

Time & cost efficient

Our all set to use app are the idea apps for saving your money and time. The app offers you all the essential functionality that a grocery app should have and all you need to do is make an investment in it.


The app we are offering here is not just for single vendor, we also have several different modules that can serve different kinds of requests like multi-vendor store, single user purpose and more.

Technologies we work with

  • Twilio
  • SMS
  • Voice and Phone Verification -Nexmo
  • Braintree & PayPal
  • Stripe
  • EWallets
  • MongoDB
  • Hbase
  • Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL
  • MailChimp Integration
  • AWS
  • Google
  • Azure
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • BigData
  • Apache Flink

Grocery App Demo

So have we got your attention? Want to experience this functions rich app developed by us then click right here on this button to get a demo of our app. This demo will give you the brief idea of the capability of our app and our team.

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Our Process To Develop Grocery Delivery Apps

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Make the strategies and structure of the purpose our client have in mind and put it onto the paper with brilliant team of ours, full of sharp minds.



As the strategies are made we make sure that the design of the app is all according to the proposed solution by the team to make it more user friendly.



Another step to create an awesome design is to put a team with years of expertise in the development so that not a single thing is left behind.



As the first version of the app is ready we put our testing team on it. We put our testing team on it that lets us know if we are lacking anywhere.



After performing all the testing and making it bugs and errors free, we give it a green signal from here to be delivered to you for using in your venture.

Client Testimonials

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The NineHertz team have so good team leaders who understood my idea for the app in one meeting and delivered the desired solution that i have been looking for. If there is any future work they are my first choice.

Client Image

Matthew Berth

Big Thanks to the NineHerts team who were able to deliver me the Grocery App in such short time. The proposed solution they delivered to me was standing tall on how I imagined my app.

Client Image

Nina Sabastian

The best thing about this team is their communication method. You will love to see how brilliant they are in making easy communication, no sugar talk, things are transparent with these guys.

Client Image

Benjamin Bayers

I was curious about what they have shown on this page and though it is just words but i was wrong. They proved every single word written on this page. On time delivery, no bugs, creative design and development. All was like made by perfectionist and they proved that they are.

Client Image



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